Bay Rum Cologne – All that you need to know about it.

Do you have a thing for natural scents and colognes? Do you love to prepare your own fragrances? If you have answered positively to the one of above questions, it is high time you stop buying those chemical-filled aftershave lotions and colognes from the stores and start preparing your own fragrance that smells better and stays longer in your body. Wondering how? Bay Rum is the answer for you. Bay rum cologne is one of the most liked products in the market today, because of its soulful aroma and its excellent combination when mixed with other natural spices, herbs and citrus fruits. While the original bay rum cologne is still being manufactured in the US Virgin Islands, many leading fragrance companies across the world have started including bay rum in their best-selling aftershave lotions, soaps, deodorants and much more today. In the following article, let us briefly look at what exactly is this product, how it can be made at home and the reception that it has acquired by customers all over.

What is bay rum?


St. Johns Bay Rum Cologne

The origins of bay rum can be traced back to the West Indian Islands in the US. A strong essence is made out of rum, leaves and the berries of the bay tree grown abundantly in these areas. This is then mixed with natural ingredients like spices, herbs, citrus fruits and oils from these spices to give out a heavenly aroma. Since all of these are natural aromas, the combination of these elements gives out one of the best fragrances that you would have ever come across.

Making bay rum cologne at home

For those of you, who are curious to try different things by yourself at home, here is some good news! You can prepare this natural cologne right at your home. It is a truly incredible feeling to make one of the best woody & spicy fragrances of all times, right within the four walls of your house. What’s more – you can also bay rum as under-arm deodorants and bathing bar. Body odour becomes a thing of the past, thanks to this easy-to-make cologne.

All you need for making this yourself are the following: Ingredients like Vodka, Jamaican Rum, leaves from the bay tree of West Indies (not to be confused with bay leaves used for cooking), a small quantity of spice powders (grinding cloves, cinnamon, etc.) and orange zest (zest from any citrus fruit would do). Mix all of these and put the content in a glass bottle. Store the bottle in a cosy, dark place for a fortnight. The rum would extract the oil from the bay leaves in this period. After a fortnight, strain the content many times until you have a clear solution without any solid particles or residue. Use this liquid directly as an aftershave and experience the fresh and exciting smell of bay leaves & rum.

Benefits of using cologne/fragrances prepared from bay rum

In addition to providing a scintillating aroma, bay rum oil is also used for medicinal purposes. The oil gives ultimate relaxation for headaches/ cold when massaged gently in the temples. It can also be applied on swollen body parts because it reduces pain to a great extent. As a fragrance, it can be used even by people who have very sensitive skin, because it is made naturally and is free of any harmful chemical substances.

Customer reviews

Since it is one of the most effective masculine colognes, bay rum is used extensively used by many fragrance companies all over the world. Men who have used this cologne have posted positive reviews on leading online retail sites like Amazon. One of the most common reviews of users is that they had received lots of compliments from their colleagues at work when they wore this cologne. This automatically had a positive effect on their motivational levels as well. Bay rum fragrances also come at a far more affordable price, which makes them one of the most sought-after products in the fragrance market today. Men repeatedly buy colognes made from bay rum, because they exude the right amount of fragrance – not too dominating and not too subtle to notice as well. With the right balance of freshness and smell for the office-going gentleman of today, bay rum fragrances are definitely here to stay!