Why you should use bay rum as aftershave lotion?


Shaving kits play a very important role in the world of men. In these modern days you will get various kinds of shaving kits that can give you a smooth and shiny skin by giving you a safe and secure shave. The foam, razor, cream and after shaving lotion have a great importance in the regular life of men. But people should be conscious while using the shaving kits as it has a direct relationship with the skin of the face. You should take a proper care of your face to not only look attractive but also to stay healthy.

Bay Rum Aftershave

Specialties of the aftershave lotion bay rum

When it comes to the point of your face you should be extra conscious and carefully choose the creams and shaving kits that can give you not only a healthy skin but also a long lasting effect. Today men have become more conscious and fashionable about their style statements so they have started to use aftershave lotion to get a better result after shaving. You will get various kinds of aftershave lotions in the market but you should not go for a random selection. You should keep some points in your mind while choosing an aftershave lotion and you should remember that a reputed name of a lotion can be always safe to use on your face. Bay rum aftershave lotion is one of the most popular and renowned name in the world of shaving kits. Its long lasting fragrance and soothing effect can make you satisfied. This lotion is running successfully since 18th century. This oldest lotion was originated in the West Indian Island and then it spread its name across the whole world for its good antiseptic quality and mind blowing essence.

Ingredients used in this lotion

The reputed after shaving lotion is made of alcohol and berries mainly. There are various kinds of oils that are used this Bay Rum aftershave lotion as well. The clove oil, lime oil, cinnamon and more natural ingredients are mixed in this lotion to make it rich and effective. This antiseptic lotion is made by various renowned fragrance laboratories of America, New York and later in Europe as well. This lotion is now modernized and various experimental ingredients are used in it to make it more effective and rich.


After shave lotion should be effective and harmless for all types of skin and bay rum can fulfill your all desires. The essence of the lotion makes you attractive and remarkable in the crowd and most importantly the fragrance doesn’t get fade away in a short time rather it stays with you for a long time. The natural ingredients that are used in this lotion have no harmful effect for skin and can give you a smooth facial skin.

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